Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Bye Blogger, Hello Wordpress!

I have made up my mind and moved to Word Press. My new URL is www.sjskogerboe.wordpress.com , and I hope that you will subscribe. I will still read your posts here, though. See you there!

You decide

Uh Oh. The Word Press bug has got me. I am definitely considering switching over from Blogger. I have seen some blog's that are from Word Press that are really just amazing. I'm pretty sure about my decision, but I don't know... any thoughts?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Update

So we are know going to be "kid-sitting" A boy who is in fifth grade. "C." came over to our house today to hang out for a while, and watch us play basketball. He also introduced us to sushi. Well, he introduced everyone else to sushi. I stayed on the far end of the room. (Hey, I'm brave, but not that brave. :D) Anyways, just thought I'd let you know. Prayers would be appreciated!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little picture thingee's

Have you ever seen one of these? :) Or these? :D Or even one of these? ;)/;D. I think they rock, and I even invent my own. The first time I did this was when the blogger sight gave me one of there random questions to answer. (Well, duh, what else are you supposed to do with a question? Question it? ...) If this is a colon: and this is a semi-colon; , What is a semi truck? I thought for a moment, and then wrote... wrote... err, my keyboard and the Blogger settings won't let this show up correctly, so i will just tell you that I wrote something terribly clever. (Yes, me!) Anyways it inspired me to start inventing my own little pictures. This one I have created for moments when I am feeling particularly nefarious. ,':D. This one is for snobs. g-( Piggy face. I8( I=brow 8=snout ( =mouth, right? And finally, the robot. >[8-]{}< You likey? Try one yourself!! Whoever makes the best one gets, um, my personal admiration! ...... Never mind.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow melt-age

Great weather for a snowball fight. Anybody else got there jeans soaked?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grandparent's house

Spent the night at Gramma and Grandpa's. They are just great. Grapefruit when I got home, grapefruit when I went to bed, grapefruit in the morning for breakfast. I've got to go. My Gramma just got me some grapefruit. Thank you Gramma and Grandpa!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Newly Aquired Taste

I have recently developed a taste for something very... tasty. Green tea! Idrink it in the morning the morning, I drink it in the night! I drink it in the evening, when the moon is shine'n bright! (Skinna-marinky-dinky-dink, skinna-marinky-doo) :D It is very good! I have had around me all my life, because my mother and grandparents love it. But I had never really liked it much. Now, being a writer, this presented me with a problem. Generally, author's either like tea, coffee, or something like that. (Maybe I'm wrong, but this is just the way it seems to me. Do you disagree?) I've never really liked coffe much,(though I had a nice cup of it at a diner, once,) and green tea... I didn't know what to think. But now, my taste buds have seemingly changed. Green tea is sooooo good! My uncle travels around the world, and one time when he was living in Korea, he decided to try something unusual. He wanted to become a tea master. Now, I know this may sound a little weird. You're thinking, 'How much can there be to learn?' But my uncle spent a whole bunch of time working at it and learning all the little techniques it takes to do the tea perfectly. Also, he had a figurative handi-cap: He was english. But he overcame this also, learning Korean and living among the korean people. After a while, he graduated from tea school, and was officialy dubbed a Tea Master. Anyways, the whole reason I wrote this for you guys is this: He just sent my mom and me some tea. Some of it was super strong, but one kind was really good. The problem is, I can't read the label. It is written in Chinese!!! Well, I'll find some way to make last. Maybe I can call my uncle on Skype to ask what it's called and where I can get more! :D What is your preferance, coffee or tea? Well you reply, I will sit patiently, sipping the greatest drink on Earth. *sigh*